Our Approach To Reliable Sleeptech

“Because Science matters”.

This is true everywhere and also in research for comfort products for sleeping or sitting. And – yes you have heard it before- everything is becoming digital nowadays. We at Variowell Development combine both.
We are a private-equity funded Startup based in Münster, Germany. We apply modern digital scientific tools and methods to design products which normally are developed in very traditional ways. We do not accept anything as given.
In doing this we have collected an extensive portfolio of IP-rights, patents and – most important – Know how. Our Team members are regularly in Silicon Valley participating in industry related events. Other team members are working in councils for standardization in the US of sleeptech products.

Comfort seems to be a rather passive feeling – something happening when sitting or sleeping. But there is so much activity, once you close your eyes or relax in a TV chair. Sleep research – as an example – is just at its beginning to understand all the biological processes in the night. Your movements, your blood oxygen levels in the skin cells, the change of sleep phases – all can be analyzed and optimized by a comfort product.

We do not know more than leading researchers. But we have a unique understanding transforming state-of-the-art insights of sleeping or sitting into components which can be used in consumer products for this segment.
Our lab and our team work relentlessly to detect changes in the body determining comfort. We analyze in depth technologies to change any parameters important for comfort. In most cases we are developing these technologies ourselves. Our best kept secret is the testing we do – endless sessions with a product until it works right.

Variowell Development is a German boutique company building on a broad IP Portfolio to shape the future of sleep. We create fascinating sleep-technology with the help of science. We change the firmness of your mattress with dynamic foam or dynamic springs. We remove excess heat from your bed with superoriented graphite and we create warmth inside your mattress with Polyurethane. Named as the European key player in #smartmattress in 2020 we are committed to develop simple, science-based, and robust sleep-technology. Our team works with the CTA to improve and standardize sleep data and build an insightful network from Big Tech in Silicon Valley to the sleeptech-scene in Japan.

If your approach in sleeptech lends itself well to our technology portfolio we look forward to hear from you.