Why We Feel Too Warm At Night


On a hot summer day, you escape the heat by the refreshing feeling of jumping into the pool and a cold drink. However, in the night it seems like there is no way to escape the heat. All in all, there are several factors influencing feeling too hot at night. Luckily, some of these factors can be mitigated. Here are the most common factors and solutions.

A stressful day
• The mental stress of intense day can convert into physical stress, leading to a faster heart rate and also a higher body temperature.

• Healthy food makes you feel better and also sleep better. Since it is no big surprise that healthy food leads to a healthy sleep, there are foods to avoid. Such include alcohol, caffeine and spicy food. Avoid these foods to not feel too warm at night.

• When we fall asleep, our body cools down. However, this temperature adjustment gets slightly more difficult for your body with age.

• Keep your room at a cooler temperature than your other rooms to avoid feeling too hot. Also, if you have a foam mattress try thermal cooling bands to remove heat accumulated inside your foam mattress.

The problem is that foam is insulating and collects your body heat inside.
However, deeply analyzing the heat dispersion inside the mattress, we found that the heat accumulates directly under your body but not towards the border of the mattress.
Based on these findings we concluded that we have to disperse the heat inside the mattress better, leading to less heat directly under your body.
Dispersing the heat is easy, once you have the correct mattress with thermal cooling technology.
You just need a band of the natural mineral called superoriented graphite integrated in your mattress. The superoriented graphite is a thermal connector and disperses the heat, bypassing the insulating foam. This method of dispersing heat away from directly under your body is called thermal cooling. For achieving this effect in your bed, you can use products like the KIKOO thermal bands. They have the benefit of dispersing heat the whole night in a natural way.
We as a startup believe in making natural and sustainable innovations against sleeping too hot as well as to mitigate the effect of hot strokes. We care about the environment, using only naturally sourced superoriented graphite. Just buy a mattress with thermal cooling bands to sleep cooler, all night.

Sincerely, your Variowell Development Team!