Laura prefers sleeping on her side, just like most of sleepers.
And she considers feeling cold very important for a restful sleep all night long. Laura loves her pillow made from memory foam such as half of the people. But unfortunately, Laura feels so hot at night!

This is caused by her so loved pillow made from insulating materials.  Let us help her to improve her regeneration and to relax at just the right temperature!

KIKOO bands, perfectly positioned on the two main areas of the pillow, release the heat naturally and restore the cool. Good to know: KIKOO works within fibre core and foam pillows.

It is a natural and sustainable solution, nothing electric is needed, there will be no noise, no electricity, no effort.

Area A as section with high movement of the head is less of concern but the user might be feeling too hot.

Area B is a hot section because the neck is not moving as much as the head. The foam heats up and the heat cannot flow out – KIKOO helps to reduce skin temperature.

It is a natural and sustainable solution, no electric is needed, there will be no noise, no electricity, no effort.


What does Laura have to invest for a better sleep? Consumers pay 50 USD more for the KIKOO cooling function. The KIKOO stripes add to these costs with just a small fraction of this.

Now using her new pillow including KIKOO´s heat-releasing graphite strips (www.kikoo.com), Laura couldn´t feel the pillow heat up at all. It keeps her comfortably cool for 12 hours+!


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