using the power of science.


We create fascinating sleep-technology using the power of science. Named as European key player in #smartmattress in 2020 we are committed to develop simple, science-based, and robust sleep-technology.


Variowell Development is the European pioneer in developing technologies for a positive sleep experience. With our international partners, from well-known chemical companies to leading mattress brands worldwide, we have been actively co-operating on the development and delivery of technology-steered components for the mattress industry.

Although Variowell has been active on the market for over 10 years, we are still very much a start-up company with an agile team-spirit. Our team consists of a diverse group of developers, engineers, and experts to ensure that we deliver the best product possible to our customers.


We use state-of-the-art digital tools and methods to create and optimize new materials. From overnight testing for valuable real-life data to precise analysis and computing of the flow of thermal energy in PU-foams: Variowell uses its capabilities to build deep insights into what actually happens overnight in mattresses, pillows or toppers.

Software will find its place to improve the sleep experience of consumers. But consumers globally demand seamless solutions – the bed should not be another device to be taken care of regularly. Look out for what comes next!


Foam mattresses are made from insulating materials. This means the thermal energy your body releases accumulates in the foam overnight. Our innovative technology helps this excess heat flow away through natural cooling. That’s why our technology works non-stop in all conditions, all year round.


Our goal is to make sleep as comfortable as possible without the hassle of extra effort on your side. The manufacturers integrate our modules into the mattress; these modules change the firmness of the bed during sleep. The changes are so smooth that the user does not even detect them. Feel the difference but not the change!


Do you wish to experience better sleep? Check out our products that will fulfill all your needs.

With a touch of your watch and the beat of your heart, Pepaminto creates a sleep experience that’s unique to you.


Thermal comfort – as unique as you are! Swayy is a smart mattress that adapts to your body’s changing needs all throughout the night.


CES | Las Vegas, USA
JAN 9 – 12, 2024

ISPA | Colombus (OH), USA
MAR 12 – 14, 2024

"5 Gadgets for Better Sleep" by Men's Health

“Made with ConstantCOOL technology – capable of dissipating excess heat and maintaining the correct temperature for more than 12 hours – the Emma Hybrid Plus mattress offers an ideal support for the spine, always keeping it correctly aligned. Back pain will just be a bad memory.”

'Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology' selected among "The 10 Very Best Cooling Pillows" by The Strategist

“As promised, the pillow kept me cool all night, though the crispness is less pronounced than the best overall pick, the Casper hybrid cooling pillow. But in terms of memory foam, which is known to trap heat, the Casper foam pillow is notably cooler than the average all-foam pillow and stayed that way throughout the night.” 

"It’s the best of both worlds: cool to the touch, with an adequate amount of back support."

“Not too hard, not too soft, just perfect. The Heat Delete Bands help pull away excess heat from the body, so you don’t wake up in a puddle of sweat or feel stuffy when laying in one position for too long.”

Casper Foam Pillow with Snow Technology selected "Longest-lasting cooling pillow"

“With cutting-edge technology, including perforated foam, HeatDelete Bands and phase change material that works to expel heat, this pillow guarantees you a night of comfort. The ergonomic design ensures proper alignment of your neck and spine while you rest, and the pillow’s pleasant feel will keep you hooked night after night.”

Pepaminto wins Innovation Award for Digital Health at CES 2023

Variowell Development’s most recent launch wins big at CES 2023, Las Vegas! The idea behind the Pepaminto technology is a combination of thin warming-strips and naturally cooling bands of graphite. Together with the warming-strips the heat dissipation and therefore temperature in the feet and lumbar section can be changed subtly also during the night. To improve the sleep experience Variowell is using the capabilities of the Apple Watch. 

Variowell Development's Founder and CEO Tobias Kirchhoff Holds Panel Discussion at the Bosch Connected World Conference

“The best minds in AI and IoT, including executives, decision-makers, digital transformers, innovators, developers, entrepreneurs, and IoT enthusiasts, shared their strategies, best practices, and case studies associated with smart, and sustainable products and solutions enabled by AIoT.”

Variowell Development's Founder and CEO Tobias Kirchhoff Receives "Technology Leadership Award" from Consumer Technology Association, USA

“This year’s CTA Leadership Award recognizes recipients who have demonstrated leadership and have significantly contributed to CTA’s Technology & Standards program to advance the state-of-the-art in consumer tech over for over 5 years.”

The Casper Snow pillow – including the famous HEATDELETE bands - awarded Best Memory Foam by Better Homes & Gardens

“Our testers found that, even when lying on the pillow for extended amounts of time, they couldn’t feel the pillow heat up at all. It remained cool to the touch.”

Casper Wave Hybrid Snow Mattress named in Good Housekeeping’s 2022 Best Bedding Awards

“The cooling effect was evident for hot sleepers, who said it helped prevent overheating throughout the night.”

Slumberland the First in Asia to Offer Kikoo SleepTech from Germany in Mattress

“To ensure good quality sleep, Slumberland has incorporated Kikoo technology that uses heat-releasing graphite strips into its newest mattress range, the TempSmart 5.0. This German sleep technology works harmoniously with the existing TempSmart tech to enhance the temperature-regulating feature of the mattress.”

【资讯】SLUMBERLAND最新床垫 采用德国KIKOO睡眠技术

Slumberland首次在亚洲推出采用德国先进睡眠科技Kikoo SleepTech的床垫,让您告别闷热,舒睡每一晚。Slumberland深知温度的波动会影响人们的睡眠质量,因此采用了创新的Kikoo技术,在最新的TempSmart™ 5.0系列床垫中植入可散热的石墨条。这项来自德国的睡眠技术与TempSmart™技术相辅相成,增强了床垫的温度调节功能。


Variowell believes in science and believes in human resources. Our culture is characterized by trust and learning-by-doing. We are working largely hierarchy-free and our highest goal is an open communication. Consequently our values are openness, focus, courage, respect and commitment. Our working environment is like our mind – open and creative.  We are focused on our projects and the expectations of our customers. We show courage, because we are trying to make the impossible possible. The base is our R&D lab where we can test, analyze and create on demand. 

Our word counts – our commitment is to improve sleep. We build bridges between the traditional comfort industry and the new tech-world and also work with sustainable materials. Therefore, respect for our environment and for others is the pillar of our team-spirit.

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