Spring into better
sleep with Fusion.


Change Firmness

Dynamic springs are integrated during the manufacturing process in the hip and shoulder zones. These dynamic springs can change their firmness from soft to firm during the night.

App Controlled

The dynamic springs can be controlled through the mobile application. Use the Fusion app to control the firmness of your mattress for the ultimate relaxation.

Influence Sleep

Changing the firmness of the mattress can influence sleep patterns. It can be used to extend or reduce deep sleep so that the mattress is either firmer or softer during different points of the night throughout the sleep cycle.

No Changes on Your Side

If you are wondering about whether your bed will feel different with these dynamic springs inside of your mattress then do not worry. The springs are embedded deep inside of the mattress so they will not change the feeling of your bed.

No Noises

Instead of complicated solutions that make noise or vibrations and involve items like pumps or motors, Fusion will not disturb your sleep. Our goal is to make your sleep more comfortable while also keeping things simple and seamless.


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